GOTO Aarhus 2014 Retrospective


Another GOTO conference went by. It have been two great days and I’m actually happy about the format change. Three days of conference is a long time and I’m always ready to call it a week when heading home on the third day.

9 blog posts before, during and after the conference makes me warm inside. I love blogging but don’t always have the time to do it. When attending a conference as a blogger, you force yourself to write a lot. I think that the program where better this year, compared to the last couple of years. This also meant fewer hours in the blogger lounge, because I wanted to attend as many talks as possible. Apparently that were the case for most of my blogger buddies as well, why the lounge seemed like a pretty boring place to hang out this year.

So what did I take from this year’s conference:

  • The browser won’t die in the near future and even if it does, the HTTP protocol still is a main ingredient in building modern apps.
  • The future for C# looks brighter than ever. Roslyn is really the key feature in the next version of .NET. I expect great new features to come from this.
  • Scrum or even Kanban isn’t always the right process for your project. Inspect and adapt and BTW don’t give a fuck what you call your process. Trust and Empowerment over rules and processes.
  • If you are a .NET web developer and don’t know what’s going on with Grunt, Bower and similar stuff, you should start reading.
  • Music and math are basically the same thing 🙂
  • Apollo 11 where actually one big pile of breakdowns, which in the end turned our great. The success of NASA is based on trust as well.
  • Not everyone agree with Doug Crockford on how to write JavaScript.
  • Always code over slides. Watching someone pair program in front of a live audience is actually quite fun.