Thomas Ardal

Entrepreneur and founder of


I have been experimenting with building and launching software products for several years. This page contain a list of the different experiments I've tried and the outcome of each. When looking through the list I have failed A LOT. But, all of the experiments taught me something and led the way to where I am today.

Project Started Description What Happened Link
MSBuild Shell Extension 2006 Build .NET solutions/projects using right-click Shut it down Wayback
MSBuild Profiler 2007 Profile MSBuild scripts to improve build performance Shut it down Wayback
TRexGoogleContacts 2008 Reverse lookup plugin for TapiRex and Google Contacts Donated to TapiRex Wayback 2009 A Danish rating website Shut it down Wayback
Bricksales 2010 Buy and sell LEGO bricks online Shut it down Wayback
HippoValidator 2010 SaaS product for scanning website-quality Shut it down Wayback 2011 My personal blog Active
HippoFocus 2011 Chrome extension that let you decide where to put focus Shut it down
HippoTab 2011 Chrome extension that auto-tab on web forms Shut it down
HippoLink 2011 Chrome extension that make unclickable links clickable Shut it down
NuGetFeed 2011 Subscribe to NuGet package updates through RSS Sold to MyGet Wayback
gInfinity 2011 Infinite scroll on and other browser improvements Shut it down GitHub 2011 API to lookup results from the Danish food regulation department Shut it down
StartupHQ 2011 Index of Danish startups and startup-related events Shut it down Wayback
Verdens Bedste Tomatsovs 2011 A recipy website for making the worlds best tomato sauce Shut it down Wayback 2011 A recipy website for things containing chocolate Shut it down Wayback
DMI Vejrudsigten 2012 Chrome extension showing weather from the Danish weather service (DMI) Shut it down
Rate My Everything 2012 A range of rating apps for Windows Phone and Android Shut it down
NuGet Package Visualizer 2012 Visualize NuGet packages and dependencies Archived GitHub
KMTjek 2012 A website checking for valid milege when purchasing used cars Shut it down
Månedens frugt og grønt 2012 A Windows Phone app showing fruits and vegetables currently in season Shut it down
VideoPoker 2012 My first (failed) attempt of creating a game for Windows Phone Shut it down 2013 Cloud-logging and error monitoring for .NET websites Active
FluentLinkChecker 2013 A fluent api for doing broken link checks of web resources Archived GitHub
CSSLintValidator 2013 Executes CSSLint from .NET Archived GitHub
JsHintValidator 2013 Executes JSHint from .NET Archived GitHub
ACheckerAccessibilityValidationClient 2013 A C# client for the AChecker accessibility validator Archived GitHub
GooglePageSpeedClient 2013 .NET client for Google Page Speed Archived GitHub
W3CCssValidationClient 2013 A c# client for the W3C CSS validator Archived GitHub
Favicon Loader 2013 Tool for getting the URL of the favicon for any website Archived GitHub
ELMAH.Elasticsearch 2013 Elasticsearch storage backend for ELMAH Archived GitHub
DiToMi 2014 Webstite for my consultancy company Active
NuGet Server 2014 A lightweight NuGet server hosted as a Windows Service Sold to Inedo
Fitbit.Elasticsearch 2015 Import data from your Fitbit device to Elasticsearch Archived GitHub
ElasticsearchRetention 2015 Delete indexes from Elasticsearch automatically Archived GitHub 2015 Generate PDF files as a service Shut it down Wayback
nginx for Windows 2016 Easy hosting of nginx as a Windows Service Shut it down
SEOSnoop 2017 A SEO extension for Visual Studio Shut it down GitHub
ASP.NET Core News 2019 A Twitter account and weekly newsletter about ASP.NET Core Active
RickrollingMiddleware 2020 A joke but also a good example of how to build middleware for ASP.NET Core Archived GitHub
NuPU 2021 An interactive CLI for updating NuGet packages. Active GitHub
Dark Screen of Death 2022 Dark mode for the developer exception page in ASP.NET Core. Active Chrome Web Store 2022 Playing around with an API for running JSON Patch transformations Active
Smart Home Ideas 2022 A GitHub repository to share my smart home ideas Archived GitHub
Cron Expressions 2023 A Visual Studio extension to explain cron expressions Active Visual Studio Marketplace
norC 2023 Get a CRON expression from a human-readable string Active GitHub
Exception Visualizer 2023 A Visual Studio extension to visualize exceptions while debugging Active Visual Studio Marketplace
JSON Linter 2023 A JSON Linter app for GitHub repositories. Active GitHub Marketplace
Check vulnerable NuGet packages 2024 GitHub Action to check for vulnerable NuGet packages. Active GitHub Marketplace