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Blog series about ASP.NET Core

Some of you may not follow the blog on my company While I totally respect that, I want to share a blog series about ASP.NET Core, that I’m writing on the blog. Here’s a list of all of the posts, that are not affiliated with in any other way, that they are published on the blog.

AppSettings in ASP.NET Core: An introduction to app settings in ASP.NET Core.

Config transformations in ASP.NET Core: Since web.config transformations isn’t available in ASP.NET Core, I’ll show you the alternative.

Configuration with Azure App Services and ASP.NET Core: We use ASP.NET Core on Azure and this post will show you how to use the new configuration features when running on Azure.

ASP.NET Core Logging Tutorial: An introduction to the new logging feature in ASP.NET Core, named Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.

Error Logging Middleware in ASP.NET Core: An example of implementing custom middleware in ASP.NET Core, using error logging as an example.

ASP.NET Core Routing Tutorial: Routing has been heavily improved in ASP.NET Core. This post introduces the new concepts and possibilities.

I’m sure more will follow, as we get more experience with ASP.NET Core.

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