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Blogging from GOTO again this year


I’m happy to say that I will attend the GOTO Aarhus conference as a blogger again this year. Last year was a great success with 10 blog posts written in just a few days. I did some preparing last year, something that I probably won’t have time for this year. I’m still hoping for a lot of posts, though.

Glancing through the program it’s clear that the content is still a bit fuzzy. The big news this year is, that the conference has been changed from 3 to 2 days not including the training. I think that the new format is a great idea and it will hopefully convince more people to show up. One of the largest problems I’ve had during my history of GOTO participation is, that I’m missing more concrete talks about subjects that I can use in my job. On the other hand the more abstract thoughts born at GOTO is what differentiate it from the rest. I’ve discussed this with the organizers more than a couple of times and maybe they are right. I talked to Liv (one of the organizers and a former college of mine) this week and she promised a great .NET track this year. Looking forward to that.

I’ve decided to repeat what I did last year and what most bloggers are doing, by summing up each day in individual blog posts. Besides that I really want to write some code. I actually spend quite some time developing during last year’s conference and I really hope to be able to do that again this year. Besides the daily summaries, I hope to get inspired by the different talks to get some code flowing and sharing the results with you guys.

See you at the conference!

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