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GOTO Aarhus 2013 Day 2

Second day at GOTO Aarhus has ended. Another great day with a lot of interesting presentations. Unlike yesterday I didn’t have any problems filling in the different slots. Well done GOTO!

😀 The highlights

😕 The disappointments

  • The keynote. I were looking forward to hear about new features in Java 8 and where a bit disappointed about how few features actually made it and the presentation in general. Brian is a smart guy, but he didn’t really do anything to get me hooked on Java again. Thank god I erased my Java skills from LinkedIn last year 🙂
  • The food. The launch where somewhat average yesterday and pretty awful today. I can’t remember eating stuff like that since military.
  • I couldn’t attend the D3 talk, because it were happening at the same time as the ElasticSearch presentation.
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