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I Quit My Job

I’ve been a happy eBay employee for 3½ years now, but a day hasn’t gone by, without me thinking about how it would be to be my own boss. For years now, I have been dreaming about being a software entrepreneur. During the summer holiday, it became clear to me that now is probably as good a time as ever. I bet you already figured out where I’m going: I quit my job!

So what will I be doing from the 1 of October? I’m currently in dialog with a number of different companies in order for me to start as a freelance software developer/architect. I’m very excited to find out what I will be working with in the future.

If you know anyone in need of an extra hand doing quality software development, please help me get in contact. I can use all the help I can get right now and any leads, good and bad, will be very much appreciated.

As some of you already now, I’m working on a lot of projects on the side. Rest assured that I won’t be turning down the speed on any of my current projects like On the contrary, I’m hoping to be able to dedicate even more time in-between consulting gigs, to keep making the best cloud logging platform for .NET developers.

As part of starting this new chapter of my life, I’ve looked through all of my open source projects as well. Working on open source software still are and always will be close to my heart, but I’ve decided to let some of them go. I’m currently looking for people wanting to take ownership of the following projects: MSBuild Shell Extension, NuGet Package Visualizer and gInfinity. If you want to continue development of one or more of these projects, please contact me.

To finish up, I want to thank all of you who inspired me to start my own company throughout the years. And one more time, please get in contact, if you need a talented .NET developer with years of experience.

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