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My Danish Developer Conference 2013 program

After a couple of years in the dark, I’m attending a couple of conferences this year. First up is Microsofts Danish Developer Conference. I haven’t attended DDC before, but from the program the last two years, the conference looks like a lot of fun. I really like the GOTO conferences, but sometimes a conference just needs to be short, precise and not necessarily focus on what’s hot in three years, but what’s hot right now. I still haven’t decided 100 % on what sessions to attend, but my experience from multiple partipations at Goto tells me, that you gotta be prepared before showing up at a conference. My program looks like this at the moments:

### 09:00-10.15

Not much to choose from here. The keynote abstract doesn’t reveal much. Let’s wait and see.


Even though I would like to brush up on my Windows Phone developer skills, I think that I will attend Mads Kristensens session “Beyond Visual Studio 2012. What’s Coming for Web Developers”. I’m working with web development both professionally and personally and can’t what to see what new features will be included in the next versions of Visual Studio.


There’s a TFS session during lunch that I may attend. I’ve worked with TFS in the past and even though it was an awful experience, it could be fun to see if Microsoft improved anything since 2007.


The “Get the newest and sharpest Visual Studio 2012 and ReSharper Tricks” sounds like fun, but I really want to hear Gudmundur talk about single page apps. I’m working as a tech lead on a single page app on a daily basis and would love to hear what other have done to succeed in this area.


I’m torn. 4 exciting sessions in this slot. I’m doing Windows Phone apps privately and would like to hear about the possibilities of moving them to Windows 8. The “Async and Reactive Extensions” is probably the obvious choice related to my job at eBay, though.


No doubt about what to do in this slot. The “Bigger, Faster, Stronger: Optimizing ASP.NET 4 and 4.5 Applications” sounds like a perfect fit for both my position at eBay as well as my personal interest in performance optimization.


The program doesn’t reveal anything about the closing keynotes. If anyone have more information, please let me know.

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