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NuGet Server Acquired

logoTwo years ago, I created a small service wrapper for the NuGet.Server NuGet package. The code evolved into the NuGet Server product, which I’ve sold through the website Two years later, I’m happy to say that NuGet Server have been acquired by Inedo, the company behind the popular Universal Package Manager ProGet. NuGet Server were originally a competitor to ProGet, but during the last years, ProGet have grown into so much more than just a NuGet server.

So why did I chose to sell of revenue generating product? For starters, ProGet is superior to NuGet Server in almost every way possible. Secondly, I never really had the time that I initially planned with, to build new features on top of NuGet Server. After the initial talks with Inedo, I really liked the guys and their thoughts on keeping NuGet Server alive. As of now, NuGet Server is developed, maintained and supported by Inedo. To read more about Inedos plans with NuGet Server, check out their recent blog post. Also, Inedo changed the price from $19 to $9 and promise to donate everything to charity. That’s just awesome!

As for me, additional time and funds have been released and ready to go into other projects and products (like

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