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FeedBurner subscribers: Please update your reference to

![goodbye-feedburner1](goodbye-feedburner1A while back, I chose to switch from FeedBurner to a plain old RSS feed. Looking at Google Analytics, I can tell that some of you still access through FeedBurner. Please update your reference to my new feed url: https://thomasardal.com

You might wonder why I switched. I’ve been using FeedBurner as long as I remember. When Google decided to shutdown Reader, it made me re-consider every RSS dependant technology I used. I started by switching from Reader to Netvibes. Netvibes never really did it for me, why I switched to Feedly. I’ve been using Feedly ever since and after Nextgen Reader integrated to the Feedly Cloud, I’ve been a happy camper. Next step where the RSS feed on my blog. As mentioned, I’ve always used FeedBurner, in order to follow statistics on my blog feed. I’ve never really used these statistics though and combined with the fact, that Google already shut down AdSense for feeds and most likely will be shutting down FeedBurner entirely, the product suddenly seems redundant. There you go!

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