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My GOTO 2013 Top 10

[GOTO_Logo_250px_sponsGOTO_Logo_250px_sponsor_no_lableIt’s almost time for GOTO why I spend a little time looking into the program. I’m lucky enough to have been invited as a blogger this year, which is a great excuse to use a little more time with the schedule than usual. In fact I were invited last year as well, but my wife and I had our second child just before and I was a bit off (dads you know the feeling). Instead of listing what presentations I pick in each slot (as I use to and change my mind later), I’ll try something different this year: listing what I think is the top 10 presentations. As usual the GOTO organizers filled some slots with 6 exiting presentations and other with nothing of my interest. Guess its hard pleasing everybody 🙂 So here goes in no prioritized order:

### [Web Platform: The Secure Parts](

This presentation by Mike West sounds exactly what I’ve been waiting for. I’m exited to see if Mike reveals some sort of product or talk about general technics. I’m hoping for the last.

Windows Azure Websites ? PaaS for ASP.NET, node.js, php

The schedule doesn’t really say much about this presentation, but since I’ve started using Azure Websites a lot the last couple of months, this could be an interesting talk.

Realtime communication with WebRTC

Can’t say more than WebRTC is looking hot!

Taking The Hippie Bus To The Enterprise

I’ve watched Mogens talk enthusiastic about Rebus multiple times. I use Rebus on two of my personal projects now and want to learn more. Hoping this isn’t another intro talk, but a deep dive into the magical world of Rebus.

Knock Knock: Understanding Who is Using Your Web Applications

I’ve worked with abuse and fraud at my day job at eBay, why this talk probably is a nice fit. Really hope that Aaron has some skills to make this entertaining, because the subject can be really boring if not delivered the right way.

How GitHub Builds Products

Always fun to hear how the big boys are doing stuff. I have the deepest respect for GitHub and the products they build.


I’m not sure that I will attend this presentation, because I work with Morten and talked a lot with the DBA team about their CQRS implementation. You should go see this!

Elasticsearch – Beyond full-text search

Everything I build these days uses ElasticSearch. This is on of the presentations I’m looking most forward to at GOTO this year.

JS Unit Testing Good Practices and Horrible Mistakes

I’ve been on of the key persons of introducing unit testing of JavaScript in my day job. Maybe it’s time for me to move on and learn some of the good practices and horrible mistakes 🙂

Engineering HTML5 applications for better performance

Face it! HTML5 apps are hot. Why develop for multiple platforms, when you can build it once. Really hoping that Lauri will show, that HTML5 can be optimized to execute as well as native apps. Crossing my fingers!

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