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GOTO Aarhus 2013 Day 3

Last day at GOTO Aarhus has ended. It has been a great conference with interesting talks, a lot of networking and even coding.

😀 The highlights

  • The keynote. Unlike the two previous days, the keynote by Chad Fowler was really fun and inspiring.
  • Talking. I didn’t attend that many presentations today. Mostly because I couldn’t find a lot of interesting stuff, but also because I liked hanging out at the bloggers lounge. A lot of smart people are gathered there and discussing tech stuff with these guys is sometimes more awarding than going to presentations. GOTO is all about the networking, y’all!
  • The food. Actually it was not great, but since I’ve complained about the food the last couple of days, I better say that the stuff was decent today.

😕 The disappointments

  • This being the last day and all.
  • Poor array of presentations, especially this afternoon.

Thank you all for a great conference. I’ve talked to a lot of old buddies and really loved writing a lot of blog posts.

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