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GOTO Copenhagen 2016 Retrospective

Another year of GOTO is getting near its end. I skipped going last year and having the chance to be back this year, has been a great experience. While GOTO is a good conference for sure, the best part is meeting up with former colleagues and friends. I chose to prioritize work and getting some sleep, over the conference party this year. Even without the party, I’ve never talked with this many people in so short time on a conference so far.

This is my key take aways from this year:

  • We finally got to a point where no-one is talking about Scrum, but everyone is talking about agile. I’ve questioned Scrum in multiple companies now and even had managers telling me how sorry they were for me not understanding how Scrum actually improves anything. I even blogged about that.
  • Drones are cool. Really impressed with the possibilities with drones and robots. Now I just need an excuse for why my company needs to buy a drone.
  • Tuple support in C# 7 actually looks great. I’ve always had a problem with tuples in C# and hated the Item1, Item2, … properties from day one. C# 7 will fix that with native support and syntax for tuples.
  • The web is the future. While mobile has gained a lot of attention during the last couple of years, the web and the browser continue to evolve and great new technologies are built around the web.
  • Small is beautiful. See how I totally stole Kevlin Henneys title there? Multiple session turned around “small” again this year. From small methods and microservices to small teams. Thinking “small” is definitely hot as ever.
  • Angular 2 doesn’t look better than Angular 1. I haven’t actually implemented anything using Angular 2, but after a presentation about the subject, I don’t even want to. The complexity of implementing a simple hello world, simply is too high. I don’t like the syntax, the way you write templates and … I’ll stop here.
  • Microservices are here to stay. I’m sure that we in 10 years will laugh about the whole microservice movement happening right now. But microservices are definitely here to stay for now.
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