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See you at GOTO Copenhagen 2016?

GOTO Copenhagen is up and even though I’m not blogging from the conference this year, I want to share my conference plan so far. Hope to see you there. One of many nice things about GOTO, is their ability to find good keynote speakers. Some of my favorite talks ever, have been keynotes at GOTO Aarhus. This year looks very exciting as well, with Raffaello d’Andrea’s The Coming Machine Revolution, Kevlin Henney’s Small Is Beautiful and of course JavaScript, the Cloud and the Rise of the New Virtual Machine by Scott Hanselman. Here are 5 talks that I’ll be at for sure.

Progressive Web Apps – the return of the web?
Really just want to hear Chris speak. I’m very much into the development of the web.

The ultimate Arduino Bootstrap
I’m not really a hardware guy, but listening to Preben talking about Arduino will definitely be a lot of fun.

Solving diabetes with open source software AND hardware
Who doesn’t want to listen to Hanselman speed talking about diabetes, software and hardware? I’m sure it will be a lot of fun.

A Quick Introduction to Angular 2
I’ve only worked a bit with Angular 1, why this is the perfect chance to learn more about v2. I really like the concepts and ideas behind Aurelia and I’m looking forward to see what Tiberiu Covaci has to tell about Angular. Since Tiberiu is a Microsoft guy, I hope that he will be able to relate the talk to ASP.NET Core as well.

Humio: A Fast and Efficient way to Understand Log Data
Christian and Kresten are former colleagues of mine and I definitely want to hear what Christian is working on. Log data is a subject I’m working with on a daily basis, why getting some inspiration here would be great.

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