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My Danish Developer Conference 2014 Program

Time for another Danish Developer Conference! I enrolled last year as well, but didn’t actually make it to the conference (a lot of anaconda action going on a the toilet 🙁 ). Once again the program looks sweet and a perfect fit for both my day job at eBay as well as personal interests. If you want to meet up, this is where I’ll be during the day:

## 09:00-10:00

Not much to choose between. I’ll be attending the keynote for sure.


The Azure lessons learned session looks great. Thomas Jespersen is a great and passionate speaker and he knows pretty much what there is to know about Windows Azure. I attended what seems to be sort of the same talk last year at Aarhus .NET User Group. Combined with the fact that there’s an Azure session later in the day, I’ll be at Mads Kristensen session about building web apps using Visual Studio.


I’m thorn. Both the AngularJS session by Christian Holm Nielsen and the Hadoop session by Daniel Volder Guarnieri sound awesome.


There’s a lunch session named Some TFS 2013 Love (sort of like last year). I don’t feel any love for TFS and I really want to eat without having to go through any more pain with TFS. I’ve worked with TFS in the past and I can’t really say that I like it.


Henrik Westergaard Hansen will be talking about new stuff in Windows Azure. I’m a major consumer of Azure in my spare time projects and this is a good chance to sum up some of the recent blog posts from ScottGu.


I’ve implemented quite a few apps for both Windows Phone and Android by now. I’ve tried PhoneGap once, but really want to check out alternative options for building cross platform apps. Luckily Christian R. Helle will be hosting a talk about Xamarin.


It’s easy just picking every session that Mads is hosting, but I really want to learn more about writing Visual Studio extensions. I’ve made Visual Studio extensions for both and and it always felt kind of a pain. I hope that Mads will be able to show some tips and tricks which make it a lot easier for me to develop new extensions.

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